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  Here are some home therapy products/items/information that I find helpful. I have used most of these products myself or similar products on myself as well as recommending to clients to use at home.

 You can find most of these products on An underlined purple link has been included for each item. That enables you to just click on each item and read more/purchase any item easily if you want to through that link.

I include other websites/links to anything not on Amazon or that go to the company website itself.

I hope you find this helpful!


Pain Relief/Anti-Inflammatory

Topical Creams/Gels/Lotions:

Arnica Gel


Sombra Warm Therapy

Sombra Cool Therapy


Tiger Balm

Comfrey Salve

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Items

  I personally like Edens Garden for quality oils at very reasonable prices. There are a lot of really good brands of essential oils. This just happens to be one of my personal preferences.

  It’s important to look for 100% therapeutic grade oils. They have the real therapeutic health benefits you should be looking for.

  Some oils labeled as "essential oils" are not pure and have other ingredients that are just for scent and NOT for therapeutic benefits that 100% therapeutic grade essential oils have.

Essential Oils/Beginners Aromatherapy Set-Therapeutic Grade

This is a nice starter set if you are seriously looking into getting into essential oils at home for yourself and others. However, you can buy them one bottle at a time too. They are really wonderful to use for many things and really work well especially once you learn and understand better what each essential oil is good for!

Essential Oil Purifier/Humidifier/Diffuser

These are great to use with your favorite essential oils added to water. It diffuses the scent into the room through the water vapor and is a humidifier.

Car Aromatherapy Diffuser

  This is a way to get the benefits of essential oils while you are in the car driving which can make your drive feel much more peaceful especially using something like lavender essential oils.

Self-Massage Home Therapy Tools

Body-Back-Buddy Self-Massage Tool

 Thera-Cane Massager

  I personally use the Body Back Buddy but the Thera Cane is similar. They are both used for the same reasons for home/office use to help release trigger points/tight muscles/relieve spasms and pressure points in back, neck, shoulders and anywhere on body.

Silicone Massage Cups

  This is a nice silicone massage cupping set to use at home. It comes with a nice storage bag & small booklet on how to use them. Great for spot treatments between your regular massage cupping treatments. Remember to use with an oil to be able to move them safely on the skin. They can also be used in the shower or even during a warm bath. You can let the warm water fill the cups & apply the cup for a few minutes too. It works even better with Epsom Salt baths!

 Cranio-Cradle Home-Therapy System

  I like using the Cranio-Cradle myself.  It can be used in different ways under the neck/ back & the rest of the body too.

 Product Description from Amazon:

   “CranioCradle® gently relaxes tense muscles, relieves aches, pains and fatigue and provides deep relaxation. Multiple positions under the head, neck, body, and sacrum to decompress vertebrae, create mild traction, release trigger points, enable still points and melt away restrictions and stress throughout the body. Use to ease headaches, Migraines, chronic neck and shoulder pain, TMJ, whiplash and low back aches. It's easy to use and works in minutes.”


Home Golf Ball Massage Products

  You can receive golf ball massage not only at Touch of Ascension, but you can buy the Golfball Kaddy or Kaddyback to work out sore muscles at home too. It’s easy, quick, feels great, can be used at home on yourself or someone else and it more importantly really works well at getting out muscle knots!


Trigger-Point Foam Roller

  Use this to roll back and forth on anywhere under your body using your body weight to roll out trigger point areas.


Orthopedic Back Traction/Stretcher

  I use this at home myself. It's good at stretching out the back muscles giving slight traction. Some online reviewers really like it and others don’t. It can feel hard to lay on (which is why I think some don’t like it).

 So if you prefer to put a pillow case or towel over it you can do so. That way it doesn’t feel as hard on the back.

 You really have to let your back muscles relax and give enough time to release them to give it time to work. Doing some deep breathing inhaling through the nose at first then exhaling through the mouth while releasing all muscle tension into the stretcher is what I find to help the most.      

Bongers Massage Tool

These work really well and are fun to use on yourself or someone else!

  (Product Description:  The Bongers provide an invigorating percussion- like massage called tapotement which improves circulation, eases muscle tension, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. They're good for breaking down muscle tension and stimulating circulation. Most people store tension in their neck and shoulders, and that's usually where bongers are most effective. However, they feel good all over giving an invigorating, Shiatsu-like massage. Their flexible shafts do all the work, allowing the bongers to work indefinitely.)

Earth-Therapeutics Anti-Stress Microwavable Pillow

Shoulder Upper-Body Microwavable Herbal Wrap

  I'm a big fan of the microwavable herbal neck and body wraps. They can go in the freezer for cold therapy too!

Reusable Microwavable Heat/Cold Pack

  These work great heated in the microwave or put in refrigerator/freezer and use as needed on sore muscles.

Acupressure Therapy Mat and Pillow

  Well I will admit this little mat and pillow look a little intimidating at first! The mat and pillow both have sharp points on it that you lay on which have many acupressure points on it.  Use it with clothes on. You can put a pillow case, towel or light blanket over it if needed or if you feel it's just too sharp for you to handle at first.

  It normally takes just a few minutes to get used to and you have to continue to use it to feel it's real benefits. Give it a try. It can help with back/neck pain/headache/sciatica pain/improves circulation and more. It's light and portable too.

  Product Description: “The Acupressure Mat has 6,210 acupressure points for immediate back pain relief while the Neckupressure Pillow has 1,782 acupressure points for immediate neck pain relief."

The Miracle Ball Method

  This has a helpful book explaining the method of using two small balls to relieve back pain that comes with two therapy balls to use at home.

The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy

Exercise Therapy Ball

   These are great for not only exercise but good for stretching out the back when needed. I use mine daily. Make sure to get the right size for your height!


Other Recommendations:

Hemi-Sync CD's

   I use Hemi-Sync CDs often in my practice and also to play when going to sleep at night. They can be used for sleep, relaxation, meditation, concentration, memory, can encourage creativity and productivity and much more.

“Hemi-Sync® technology has been scientifically and clinically proven to be effective.”

Here are a few of my favorite Hemi-Sync CDs:

 Deep-Alpha Hemi Sync for Meditation & Healing CD

Deep-Theta Soundscapes for Meditation & Healing CD

Angel Paradise Hemi Sync CD

Hemi-Sync Dreamseed CD


Himalayan Salt Lamps

  Himalayan Salt Lamps act as an air purifier by emitting negative ions into the air. The light has a very calming effect along with helping to alleviate stress, increase energy and purifies the air which can even help with allergies. I use them in every room in my house and where I do massage.

VibesUp Products

   These innovative products have been created by Kaitlyn Keyt and are wonderful. I have bought and used many of her products myself. Take a look for yourself on her website.

  She explains in a nutshell how the items work below. However, you can find the more detailed info on her website about how the vibesup products came to be, how they work and have been tested.

  Katelyn's explanation for how her products work "in a nutshell":

   “Gemstones and essential oils send out frequencies of energy attracting back more of that same energy. This is similar to how a radio works. Essential oils fine tune the beneficial qualities of the gemstone, the liquid crystal coating amplifies that energy and the tiny gem spheres in the coating work like natural good energy batteries, regenerating themselves, delivering the energy on a deeper level, and are powerful enough to charge anything they are around with good, healthy energy and at the same time clearing out non beneficial energies.”


Honest Medicine by Julia E. Schopick

  This is an excellent book that talks about 4 treatments that are not considered very profitable, so they have not become well known or shared with patients by many in the medical community.

  One of the treatments is LDN (low dose naltrexone) which has had amazing results worldwide for many autoimmune diseases, most notably multiple sclerosis and others such as Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease and more. LDN has been found to help HIV/AIDS patients and many types of cancer.

  The other treatments mentioned include the Ketogenic Diet (for pediatric epilepsy), intravenous alpha lipoic acid (for terminal liver disease and some cancers) and Silverlon (for non-healing wounds).

  I have personal experience with taking LDN myself with wonderful results so far. I encourage people to read this book to educate themselves and others about these amazing treatments!

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

  This is a great site to go to learn more about LDN and the amazing health benefits it is having for so many diseases that the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about! This is a very important and informative website! Please take time to learn more about LDN and all the diseases it is helping.

LDN may help you or someone you know or love!
















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